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For more than 15 years AT Internet has provided website owners with free access to their web traffic data. Thanks to an easy-to-use solution, you can benefit from key information such as traffic sources, visitor geolocation, and more, in order to manage and improve your site’s impact (whether it’s a blog, a personal website, or otherwise).

The XiTi Free project was launched back in 2000 by AT Internet, one of the world’s leading digital analytics companies, and today continues to illustrate the company’s desire to make digital analytics accessible to everyone. The decision to continue supporting a free version to the benefit of a large user community has been the success behind XiTi Free, an essential solution for measuring the traffic of personal websites.

An excellent source of exchange, the XiTi project has strengthened the relationship between AT Internet and its many users, further enhancing its decision-making solutions.

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Creator of XiTi, AT Internet is also one of the world’s leaders in digital analytics. Its Analytics Suite helps even the largest, most demanding brands to measure, analyse and visualise their data and digital performance.

AT Internet has more than 3,800 customers worldwide from all industries, including more than half of the companies listed on the French stock exchange (CAC 40), as well as many other leading international groups.

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